Located on the far east side of El Paso, the Sportspark is one of the most important sports centers in El Paso County. Boasting some of the most competitive sports leagues for athletes of all ages,
baseball, softball and t-ball are just some of the opportunities one can partake in while at the Sportspark.


1780 N. Zaragoza
El Paso, TX  79936




The mission of the El Paso County Sportspark is to be a safe, specialized venue for participants of organized youth baseball programs as well as all who visit the park. The El Paso County Sportspark is dedicated to the following objectives:

• To promote sportsmanship

• To increase and encourage Youth Sports Participation

• To teach fundamental social skills with a great emphasis on teamwork

• To promote volunteerism through coaching

• To introduce competition


The Sportspark's main objective is to provide a safe and specialized venue for all the participants of the Sportspark's organized youth baseball program. The objectives of the Sportspark contribute to the advancement and more importantly, the enjoyment of organized youth sports in El Paso County. 


T-Ball, Coach Pitch, & Baseball Leagues

2018 Spring Season

Coaches meeting at Sportspark's 2nd floor concession area 

Saturday, January 20

·         4/5u  T-ball - @  9:00am

·         6/7u  Tball - @  10:00am

·         7u Coach Pitch - @ 11:00am

·         8u Coach Pitch and 8u Kid Pitch - @ 11:00am

·         9u  & 10u Baseball - @  1:00pm

·         11u & 12u Baseball - @  2:00pm

·         13u & 14u  Baseball - @ 3:00pm

Team Registration starts on Tuesday January 16, 2018 and ends Wednesday February 8, 2018

The age cut-off date is May 1, 2018

Baseball games start Saturday, February 17, 2018

T-Ball & 7/8u Coach Pitch games start Monday, February 26, 2018

Rules & Registration

• Original Birth certificates are required at the time of registration. No Exceptions.

• Payment must be in the form of cash, money order or cashier’s check.

• A player cannot change teams once they have played a pre-season or league game.

• Fees are non-refundable once the season begins.

• Coaches are required to pick up their roster prior to the first game from the office at the Sportspark.

• Under no circumstances will a player be allowed to play in any game without being on a roster. Players must be able to produce valid identification.

• Coaches should check their roster during the first week of pre-season play to ensure that the players wanted on their teams are registered. This will eliminate problems should an illegal protest occur.

• Staff will conduct random “on the spot” roster checks throughout the season. Everyone playing must be registered on the official team roster. It is the coache's responsibility to make sure all players are cleared with all Sportspark requirements 24 hours before game time or the game will be automatically forfeited.

• Please check the status of your team 24 hours or more in advance, and not at game time. It is the responsibility of the coaches and parents to make sure their team is cleared to play at the park. No protests will be considered.


Spring 2018 Schedules



Monday Co-ed Softball

$250 per team (Full payment upon registration).  Absolutely no exceptions.

Payment (Cash or Money Order) must be submitted by the deadline shown below

Registration information

Registration Start: January 8, 2018      Deadline: January 22, 2018

Games Start: January 29, 2018, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Official team roster due Monday, February 12, 2018. Teams without a roster after that date will not be scheduled.

Umpire Fee: $12 per team/per game on field (cash only)


  • One league
  • 20 games if paid by January 22, 2018
  • Double elimination playoffs

Men's Thursday Night Softball League

The Men’s Softball League is run by the County of El Paso and it operates year round. Players are divided by “C” and “D” classifications which are dependent on the level of experience and skill. Games are held on Thursday nights and are not sanctioned.

 $250 per team (Full payment upon registration).  Absolutely no exceptions.

Payment (Cash or Money Order) must be submitted by the deadline shown below

Registration Starts: January 25, 2018    

Deadline: February 8, 2018   Games Start: February 15, 2018


  • Two leagues
  • 20 games if paid on or by February 8, 2018
  • Limited teams. 14 teams for D division and 10 teams for C division
  • Double elimination playoffs

Law Enforcement League

The Law enforcement League is comprised of various law enforcement agencies. Games are held on Mondays. 

 $250 per team (Full payment upon registration).  Absolutely no exceptions.

Payment (Cash or Money Order) must be submitted by the deadline shown below

Registration Deadline: February 26, 2018

Games Start: March 5, 2018


  • One league
  • 20 games if paid on or by Febrary 26, 2018