Photography in Ascarate Park


Ascarate Park is one of the most Instagrammable places in El Paso. Widely overlooked, the park offers hundreds of acres of green space and water that make the perfect backdrop for any photo. Ascarate Lake features a walking trail that includes bridges, docks, and plenty of wildlife. The bridge at the southern end of the trail makes a fantastic spot for scenery shots, portraits, and selfies. If you prefer your subjects to be more unpredictable, the park is full of wildlife that can be easily captured through the lens. Various ducks, geese, and other wildlife, such as foxes, can be seen throughout with a careful eye.

The park also offers fantastic photo opportunities during interesting weather. I was fortunate enough to capture beautiful, eerie shots of the park in the fog during the early morning. This weather moves quickly, so you have to act fast! By far the best time to shoot in the park is the early morning, and ‘Golden Hour’ which is happens just before sunset. Another great opportunity is after dark in the park. Catching the lights of the city or a special event, night shots always feel magical!

When posting photos to Instagram, it is important to use tags and locations to help others see your work. When taking pictures in Ascarate, use the location @epcountyparks and the hashtag #ascaratepark to share the images with others searching for Ascarate photos for inspiration and ideas.