Updated Fees for El Paso County Parks

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A change in fees was approved for County Pools, Ascarate Park, and the Sportspark

Beginning November 1, 2017, Ascarate Park will increase parking fees during special events, and begin charging to walk in the park when higher attendance is anticipated. The standard weekend parking fee is $2.00, and will increase to $5.00 during special events with an estimated attendance of 751-3,000. These events will also require a $1.00 walk-in fee. Parking will be $10.00 for events with an estimated attendance of 3,001 or more, with a $5.00 walk-in fee. These fees apply to all persons entering the park, regardless of intended park use. 

The parking fee and walk-in fee are valid for 1 day with a date stamped ticket. Loss of the ticket will result in an additional charge to re-enter the park. Parking fees and walk-in fees are all payable by cash only. Parking passes can be purchased at the Ascarate Golf Course pro-shop at an annual or 6-month rate using cash, credit card, or personal check. Park visitors with Disabled Veteran plates or an ADA placard will not be charged to enter the park.

The new fee schedule also allows for the rental of Ascarate Lake for a special event, an increase in price for general admission swimming at Ascarate Pool from $2 to $3, and the addition of swim lessons at Ascarate Pool. Family night will be extended to all 3 County pools on Thursdays from 6 pm to 9 pm with a discounted admission fee of $1 per person. The Sportspark has increased the refundable security deposit for Tournaments. This deposit is non-refundable on tournaments canceled less than 30 days from the reserved date. 

Park fee changes go into effect November 1, 2017.

Sportspark fee changes go into effect January 1, 2018. 

To book an event or reserve a field or shelter at a County park, please contact the Parks & Special Events office at 915-771-2380.