Domestic Animals in Ascarate Park

Spring is a wonderful time in El Paso. The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. Spring is also a time when many people purchase adorable ducklings and bunnies as gifts for their friends and family. While these are a great gift for someone who is prepared to give this type of animal a lifetime home, they aren’t so great for children or others who aren’t prepared for the responsibility. These animals become difficult to care for within just a few short weeks.

Many people believe a duck can be left in a place where there is water, such as Ascarate Park. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Domestic ducks do not have the instincts to care for themselves in the wild, and quickly become injured and unable to find food. This applies to many types of pets, such as aquarium fish, snakes, turtles, and anything else that was held in a cage or cared for by humans. All of these types of animals have been found abandoned in Ascarate Park.

Domestic animals also cause stress on the habitats of wildlife in the park, such as migrating birds and owls. They compete for limited resources and domestic animals can carry disease that wildlife can’t fight off. Help us raise awareness and let your friends and family know that a purchased animal should be a pet for life. If you or someone you know needs to relinquish an unwanted duck or pet, here are services that can be contacted for help:

Stick House Sanctuary 915-219-2365

City of El Paso Animal Services 915-212-PAWS

We’d like to thank the Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit and Commissioner Stout and his staff for their for their ongoing assistance and support on the issue!